Tampa Sightseeing Cruises

Tampa sightseeing cruises come in several forms as well. You can take a romantic evening on a dinner cruise, meet a friend for a lunch tour, or assemble the kids for a pirate cruise. Most of the providers in the Tampa area offer tours of varying times and courses and some even guarantee that you will see a dolphin, or your next trip is free!

Tampa Fishing Charters

If fishing is your thing, then you are truly in luck, Tampa has many fishing charter services offering all different types of fishing trips and accommodations for small to large groups. Just be sure not to bring a GPS unit with you though, as these captains have worked hard for many years to locate great fishing areas for their guests and they would prefer not to give their special locations out to the public. If you are found using a location device, you may have it tossed over-board, or find that the fishing is exceptionally poor that day-so take heed mates.

Tampa Kayak and Canoe Trips & Tours

A great way to get some exercise and move at your own pace, while you enjoy the sights and sounds of a Tampa water adventure, is to paddle your way around in a kayak, or canoe. If you have your own, then you will find that the areas to explore are endless, but never fear, there are many businesses that will rent you a kayak, or canoe and some of them will even show you how to safely use them and many offer tours.

Tampa Jet-Ski, Boat & Watersports Rentals

For the speed junkies, Tampa sightseeing is at its best when everything is blurring past. You will find that there are numerous rental shops along the beaches that rent jet-skis, power boats, sail boats and more. Whatever your flavor of fun, Tampa looks great from the water.

Tampa Sightseeing Tours by Water
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