Tampa Theme Parks & Attractions

Tampa has many fun and exciting locations that are sure to bring out the child in all of us. Challenge yourself and others on an indoor go-cart track at speeds of up to 45 m.p.h., plummet to the ground at speeds of more than 70 m.p.h. on a roller coaster, ride waves of up to 5 feet on an endless surf wave pool, or raid the piggy bank and play the latest in video games.

Tampa Animal Sightseeing Tours & Nature

For the nature lover, no Tampa sightseeing tour would be complete without a trip to one of our wonderful animal parks, or nature areas. Get up close-and-personal to a Bengal Tiger, manatee, giraffe, or even a shark. Some of the attractions include walking tours, rail tours, ski-rides and truck tours. Regardless, of how you travel, there is plenty of nature to be appreciated and observed in Tampa.

Tampa Museum Tours

Take in a little culture! Tampa museums and art exhibits can be found all throughout the Tampa Bay area. Stroll through one of the historic districts, see the heavens at an IMAX theater, gaze upon the works of some of the worlds best artists, get hands-on with Science exhibits, or let your imagination wander to a different time as you view the dinosaur skeletons. A Tampa sightseeing tour wouldn't be complete without stopping by one of the many museums, memorials, or galleries.

Tampa Live Shows & Theatre

Enjoy a Broadway series, opera, or concert. Sit down and reminisce a classic movie in an iconic historical theater, or get your laugh on while enjoying live improvisational comedy. Tampa theaters and live shows will certainly add to any sightseeing trip.

Tampa Food, Wine, Breweries, & Cigar Tours

For those of you that prefer to relax a bit more while sightseeing Tampa there are many options for you as well. Take a gourmet food tour, visit a brewery to see how beer is made and then enjoy some, taste wines like a sommelier and then visit a cigar factory and take a tour.

Tampa Golf Courses & Tours

Tampa golf courses are conveniently located throughout the bay area. There are short courses, long courses, executive courses, public courses and private courses. Some of the courses are nationally ranked, while others have wide, short fairways to learn on, no matter what your ability, Tampa golf offers something for everyone.

Tampa Bus Tours

Fieldtrips, weddings, sightseeing tours, whatever the occasion or reason, Tampa has several bus charter and touring options available for your convenience. Bus tours are a great way to go sightseeing around the Tampa area and they can accommodate large groups of people. Be sure to check the available packages, because many times, bus charter companies have worked out deals with area attractions and local hotels.

Tampa Motorcycle, Scooter & Segway Rentals

Do you want to see Tampa at your own leisure? Then, perhaps you may want to consider renting a motorcycle, scooter, or Segway to check out the sights while enjoying the sun and rolling in style. The choice is yours, meander the beaches on a Segway or scooter, or ride up the coast on a Harley...Happy Trails!

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