Tampa Sightseeing by Hot Air Balloon

If you want to experience Tampa sightseeing from a different perspective, a Hot Air Balloon ride may be exactly what you're looking for. Hot air balloon tours are a great way to start a romantic weekend, celebrate a special occasion, or to get some incredible pictures of the landscape.

Most balloon tours begin at sunrise, when you will meet at a predetermined location and the crew will prepare for launch. While in flight, you will float along the wind currents at heights of 1000-3000 feet, gently and quietly moving along the treetops. Bring your cameras and camcorder's, as you will almost certainly have the opportunity to photograph many types of wildlife as they wander along, unsuspecting below you.

After your flight, many of the providers offer a champagne toast and some even provide brunch for their guests. Hot Air Balloon tours are a fantastic way to enjoy Tampa, but you will need to make reservations in advance and the tours are weather dependant.

Sightseeing Tampa by Helicopter

Tampa helicopter charters and tours are another exceptional way to go sightseeing. Generally, the duration of the tours is much shorter than that of a hot air balloon ride, but helicopter rides are less susceptible to weather cancellations, can be scheduled at many different times and in many cases allow you to choose from several different Tampa sightseeing tour routes and some of the providers will even allow you to create your own tour.

A helicopter tour is an exhilarating way to view the bridges, skyline and beaches around the area and will offer you many opportunities to capture your experience with breathtaking photographs. So if you would like a fun and creative way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or if you would just like to do your sightseeing from greater heights, one of these tours could be just what your looking for.

Whether you choose to do your sightseeing by hot air balloon, or helicopter, you will experience Tampa in a way that will provide you with memories and pictures that will last a lifetime.

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