Advertising With Sightseeing is a great advertising venue for owners and operators of theme parks, cruise & tour providers, fishing charters, attractions and travel agents of all types. We have worked hard to incorporate a specialized theme on our site and we would prefer that all advertising placed on this site shares our theme. By doing so, it will keep the traffic to our site and likewise, the traffic to your site extremely targeted and more productive. So if you have a travel related business and you would like to increase your sales by advertising on our highly targeted and key-word optimized site, let us know. Simply contact us via form submission, placing the word "advertising" in the subject line, or call (352) 422-2120 for more information.

We have many advertising options available for your Tampa sightseeing related business, so our options and prices may vary; although, here is a general pricing index.

General indexing with our site is only $39.00 per year and will list your business on our site under the appropriate category. A general index list will consist of: business name, address, phone number and an un-linked website address. -Add a linked website address for only $2.00 extra per month.

General indexing with a link to a secondary page. Increase your exposure by having us create a special page for your business or service on our site. You will be provided with an index listing of your business by type, which will link to a page where we can share the specifics of your company: pictures, logos, operating hours, location map, coupons, or anything else that you would like to share with your customers, including a complimentary link back to your personal site. The price for this service is only $195.00 and we can triple your exposure with a third page located on a separate, highly targeted website for an additional $9.95 per month.

Advertise On Our Primary Pages
We can also provide you optimal exposure, by creating and placing an ad for your business or service on our home page, or one of our primary pages, with a link back to your secondary page on our website, or a link to your own site. This will provide you with the highest number of customer views and likewise, the most traffic. Space is very limited for this type of advertising option and we will only allow a specified number of ads per page. Prices start at $95.00 per month, with a three month minimum first order and increase from there.

Would you like a video produced, or do you need photographs taken of your business location, services, or products? We can visit your company and take photographs, or video to enhance your listing on our site and once edited and/or produced, we can provide you with copies for your personal site. Since these types of projects require specific considerations, the prices for these services vary, inquire for more details. You can see some examples at one of sister sites: Biosphere Advertising

Do you have the business, but you do not have a website? A general listing with a link to a secondary page is a very economical solution, but if you would like your own website, we can provide that for you as well. Templates are never used, as we would like all of our sites to be completely original and we can provide you with a site that is as basic, or detailed as your needs require. Again, this type of work varies, as do the prices, but we will provide you with a website that reflects your business, accommodates your needs and budget, is targeted and most of all it will be affordable. All of the work provided by Sightseeing Tampa is done "in-house" so you can rest assured that your project will always be the top priority.

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